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Know Water Damage Restoration Pros Dallas

Water Damage Restoration Pros is a well-known company taking care of all repairing needs caused by water damage. We offer water damage restoration and various related services. Further, with years of excellence in the field, we have earned various accolades and a strong client base.

As a water damage repair company, we completely follow the EPA guidelines and take all necessary safety and healthcare measures. Further, we start every restoration work after thoroughly inspecting and diagnosing the problem. In addition, we offer a guarantee for each service rendered. Thus, you can remain completely worry-free.

Who We Are

Based in Dallas, we are an IICRC-certified company offering water, storm, and fire damage restoration services for quite some time. Dallas is a space with copious rainfalls and thunderstorms. Further, many internal issues like unattended cooking, a faulty electrical setup, and external reasons like wildfire and grassfires. We are always ready to protect every building in Dallas with timely and safe restoration services. In addition, we thoroughly follow EPA guidelines related to specialized services like mold inspection, black mold removal, and mold remediation.

We have a highly skilled and experienced team with proper training and certification for restoration. Plus, we have a team of specialized technicians who are able to fix technical problems of any scale and scope. From day one, our motto has been to serve customers facing water, fire, or storm damage at home with professional integrity and empathy. 

After water-brought damage or a storm and fire attack, a homeowner is usually panicked, and it is indeed an overwhelming experience, having lost some essentials of great economic or sentimental value. So, we always offer emergency response and help the property owners recover from the primary shock of the aftermath of an emergency as quickly as possible.

Further, once we are done with the initial cleaning and drying up, we inspect the extent of the damage and make a project plan. Depending on the severity of the damage, the restoration work may take a few days to weeks.


Water Damage Restoration Pros Dallas believes in helping property owners restore damages from water flooding, storm, and fire. We want to offer our basic services, along with additional services like mold removal, biohazard cleanup, etc., at the most reasonable price without compromising quality.


Our vision is to build and maintain a reputation as the most trusted team for restoring water damage. Also, we want to maintain our quality of service and maintain friendly communication with customers to understand their requirements and chalk out our project plan based on that. Most importantly, we always want to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with every service we render.


From day one, we have believed in our values of transparency, professional integrity, and empathy. Also, we pay utmost importance to customization. So, whenever a property owner contacts us, we make it a point to assess the scale of the damage, design a proper restoration plan and customize the budget. In addition, we only use the best quality materials and equipment to render the best service.

Services Offered by Water Damage Restoration Pros Dallas

Water Damage Restoration Pros has always tried to build itself as a one-stop destination for all types of damage restoration requirements. And we must say that we have been successful in achieving that. Further, we believe that by offering various services related to water damage repair under one roof, we can save valuable time and keep the charges nominal. Otherwise, a person facing water damage at their home must call different services required separately and face a tough time coordinating with the men at work during those hours of an emergency. Nevertheless, here is the range of services offered by us.

We have developed a strong customer service team that offers assistance as you contact us for any water damage repair work. Our customer service team can be reached through emails and phone calls. So, if you need any kind of assistance regarding water damage restoration, mold removal, or any of the services mentioned above, you can get in touch with us without worries.

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How We Render Our Restoration Water Damage Service

Be it the restoration water damage or any other type of damage, we follow a step-by-step process. Though we customize the restoration process based on the severity of the damage, we generally stick to this standard guideline.

Inspection and Assessment

The first stage of restoration water damage is inspection or assessment. We will identify the source of water damage and its type. After water leak detection or understanding the reason for water damage, we fix problems like wastewater pipe backflow, plumbing problems, or any other issue.

Removing Excessive Water

Once the inspection is done, we use state-of-the-art equipment, like powerful vacuums and pumps, to remove water. It does not matter how much water accumulation has happened in your building. We can remove a few inches of stagnant water and many gallons of accumulated water with equal expertise.

Drying and Dehumidifying

When water removal is done, we use dryers and dehumidifiers to keep every building element free of humidity, like the walls, floor, vents, and appliances. Drying and dehumidifying are very important to prevent moisture accumulation and mold growth and ensure the proper functioning of the appliances.

Deep Cleaning and Sanitization

Deep cleaning and sanitization are very important post-dehumidification. At this stage, we also do mold inspection and perform black mold removal following standard guidelines and using permitted ingredients. Further, we sanitize and deodorize every house element, including rugs, carpets, etc.


The final stage in our water damage restoration work is restoration. We try to repair the damages caused to furniture or other household items due to water attacks. At the same time, we dispose of items that are beyond restoration or repair. In such cases, we install new products so that the entire household or office setup gets back to normalcy.

So, if there is water damage in your building and you need professional assistance, you can contact us without hesitation.  


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