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Fire can be regarded as one of the greatest and most common terrors known to mankind. Nothing traumatizes people faster than the sight of fast-moving flames. But hardly we find commoners having proper knowledge of fire damage basics. Read on to grab some basic knowledge.

What is Fire Damage?

Needless to say, fire produces extensive damage affecting people, animals, houses, and properties. Fire damage is dangerously versatile, from causing blackish soot to diminishing any whole structure.

The Complexity of Fire Damage

As the flames end, we get a sense of relief. That indeed is a relief, but putting off fire initiates the very beginning of damages. In severe or most cases, people underestimate the extent of damage a fire can cause. Besides weakening building structures and burning properties, fire produces extensive smoke/soot damage. Flames give a suffocating smell, remnants of which stay even after putting off the fire. And soot has an extensive spreading and lingering nature, and you can find it inside appliances, pipelines, and electronics. Further, structures that are not completely destroyed by fire bear visible damage, like stains and discolorations. Flames also corrode the flooring and make the structure brittle.

Notably, what almost everyone seems to ignore is fire damage welcomes water damage. Water used to put out the fire brings a damaging impact on affected structures. The water comes in contact with house structures, electric appliances, and furniture. If water is allowed to stay long, especially on internal cracks through which it enters the house structures, you have a high chance of mold infestation.

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Commons Don’ts for Fire Damage and Prevention

  • Leaving open flames, even candles unattended 
  • Keeping faulty fire alarms in the residence 
  • Throwing away cigarettes without putting off the flame 
  • Attempting to douse an electrical fire with water 
  • Making space near sprinkler and extinguisher cluttered 

Common Do’s for Managing and Preventing Fire

  • Regularly check smoke and fire alarms 
  • Educate yourself on the possible sources of fire damage in your house and locality 
  • Get a fire sprinkler system and a fire extinguisher in your building and their use mechanisms 
  • Get familiar with different exit routes in your residence or building 
  • Keep contact numbers of nearby fire restoration services handy 
  • Keep away sources of water or broken water lines from electronics or electric lines 
  • Turning off the affected electric appliance and main switch in the fuse box after getting a burning smell, or fire 

Causes and Impacts of Fire Damage

Fire can be caused by a large number of factors. Starting from reckless behavior to faulty electric lines, you can have fire mishaps from a wide range of sources.  Plus, water and electricity are not good pair. Water finds its entry into the insides of wall cracks and can get connected with electric wires or circuits. With time, water corrodes the elements of wires and makes electric channels defective, which later on invites fire events. 

Fire accidents produce property damages which estimate to be above $25.5 billion. Understandably, fire damage has become a great economic concern, especially for economically underprivileged people.  Other damages caused by fire include the following. 

  • Excess amounts of debris that require cleaning 
  • Falling structures in buildings that can cause accidents and physical harm
  • Burns or physical injuries 
  • Death in severe cases 
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How Pros Dallas Offers Effective Management of Fire Damage?

Our experts have the knowledge to deal with different levels of fire damage. They inspect the damage and source of fire and develop the restoration and management strategy. Depending on the fire source and extent of damage, they plan the steps for handling fire damage.

With our equipment and resources, we offer not only fire management but also prevention of fire accidents. Notably, Pros Dallas is specialized in managing fire damage that occurs from water seepage on electric lines. Besides, we offer management for fires resulting from other causes like faulty gadgets and accidents from open flames.

We use safety guidelines that enable the protection of affected homes and also ourselves working in fire-damaged locations. Plus, our methods are in alignment with industry standards. Our employees employ methods for addressing and solving fire damage with industry-certified policies.

If you see fire damage in your house or someone else’s property, feel free to ring us. Your safety is what we prioritize. Our round-the-clock service is designed to keep your urgency and well-being in mind.


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