Storm Damage Restoration

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Many types of storms exist, including hail storms, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and winter storms. Each variety brings immense damage to your house and property.

What is Storm Damage?

Storm damage is so extensive and severe that it is nothing short of a nightmare. You can have endless harmful consequences after storms, from roof damage to distorted electric systems. Further, storms can heavily weaken the house foundation. Ice storms can give you freezing pipelines which later can burst pipes and cause leakage in roofs and walls. Rain storms can cause flooding, and even after these subside, you get the trouble of mold growing inside your house.

Moreover, any storm having winds blowing at high speed can uproot trees. The trees which fall on houses and electric and water lines provide damaging consequences. The affected areas stay without basic amenities like electricity for days.

The Severity of Storm Damage

Storm damages are severe. But to what extent can these get severe? The impacts can become severe depending on the type of storm. Tornadoes exceeding 86 mph are known to detach trailer houses from the foundation. Further, certain storms are so severe that the roof gets completely damaged. The roof can get broken, fall off or fly away. Extensive roof damage understandably makes the house interior susceptible to storm or high-speed wind. Plus, the lightning caused during thunderstorms negatively impacts household appliances, even if it occurs away from your home. Lightning falling on a nearby area can cause the electrical system in your home to shut down.

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What Can You Expect After Storm Damage?

Understandably, storms cause emotional trauma and an overwhelming experience. So people may return to storm-damaged homes and areas to search for belonging. But an important aspect to remember is that any storm-damaged area puts you at great health risk.The storm can weaken even the most sturdy house structure. Plus, there are broken glasses and exposed roof nails. These weakened and damaged objects can fall off and cause accidents and physical injuries.

Further, you can get fallen trees and disrupted electric lines in storm areas. Importantly if you have water line damage coupled with electric damage, you have a great recipe for disaster. 

So, we advise you to call professionals like Pros Dallas, who visit storm-affected locations guarded with protective equipment and clothing. That safeguards us from getting injuries and accidents and aids us in better assessment of the affected areas. We examine the area to determine the comprehensiveness of recovery service people require.

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How We Help People After a Storm?

Given the damaging impacts of a storm, we offer storm damage restoration as an emergency service. With extensive knowledge, comprehensive resources, and responsive technology, we stay alert and act fast as soon as we receive calls for storm damage restoration.

Importantly, our team professionals have many years of experience managing damage from something severe like a storm. Plus, we upgrade our emergency resources and tools, which help in giving a quality service.

During our restoration process, we analyze the extent of damage in properties, buildings, and surroundings. Guided by our analyses, our team gives full effort in bringing back pre-storm damaged conditions.

Plus, we adhere to government standards in our restoration process. That leads to quality assurance in our comprehensive storm damage recovery service.


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